In the early 1990s Raj&Pablo signed to Kulit Bhamra's Keda Records and released various pop albums under the name Aasha, then as Raj&Pablo. 


Raj&Pablo's Bollywood Nights compilation album with BBC Asian Network and EMI made history when it debuted at number 1 in both the iTunes and World Compilation music charts.

In 1996 Raj&Pablo released their album Freedom. under the name Aasha, performing as a pop duo under the Keda Records Pop series. The album is a fusion of Punjabi and British pop music produced by Kulijt Bhamra, with songs written by and performed by the duo.

Under the name Raj&Pablo, they went on to release the pop singles Hindustani Girl with Steel Tiger Records and Walk Right Now with Rowena Records, as both writers and performers, and Bollywood Nights (Nickelodeon). They also carried out a tour with their 2nd Bollywood album, performing live at venues including London's Heaven nightclub.

Raj&Pablo's Bollywood Nights compilation album, released by Gut Records in 2003, reached the top of the i-Tunes and world compilation charts. The Indian Film Director A.R. Rahman hosted an after-party to celebrate the album's success when it achieved this milestone. Another movie soundtrack that Raj&Pablo recorded was Bombay Star, which features in the 2002 movie Bollywood Queen, a cross-cultural romance set in London's East End about a young girl of Indian heritage starring Preeya Kalidas and James McEvoy.

The duo released another Bollywood compilation album in 2010 called, Love Bollywood, under the EMI TV label. Raj&Pablo's work is available through a number of media channels, and many of the duo's interviews and recordings have also been released as recommended podcasts.